“Victor/Victoria” (1982)

Yes, I’m starting with the last scene first, because I felt like it. Also, Robert Preston singing and…um, well, moving about, let us call it, in drag. Spanish drag, at that. Oh, but that voice!

And for me, that’s only part of the appeal of this movie. The costumes – well, except for that black bon-bon-umbrella-arrangement that Julie Andrews wears in the above….yeah, not flattering, even though we can see her cleavage. But everything else she wears, whether it’s made for a female or a male is just right for her. Who wears it better, Julie or Robert?

I would be MOST remiss, however, were I to leave out Lesley Ann Warren’s turn as Norma Cassidy. If she and the makeup department didn’t pore over old movie magazine photos of Jean Harlow, then I don’t know what! Her character isn’t at all like that of”The Baby”, though; she’s a tarty little creep, but boy can she pop that coochie (or is it cootchie?)!

The song that really grabs me and is the one that gets “Count Grazinski” started on her/his road to stardom is ” Le Jazz Hot”. Leslie Bricusse and Henry Mancini did such a fantastic job of capturing the feel and sound of the jazz of the 1930s, one’s tempted to think it was written back then, but nope!

To end this post, I’m posting the audition scene of Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews). Breaks my heart to see and hear it, considering what happened to the poor woman; thank goodness she had the wherewithal to expand her talents. But she’s a superheroine in this film:

(One last bit: Who decided that Carl Perkins’ toup’ would look “good” on Robert Preston? Thanks for reading, folks!)


I like to watch films and write about them. Or talk about them. Old TV stuff, too.

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