“Hustling” (1975)

My true growing-up time was in the 1970s, on Detroit’s east side, not far from the Grosse Pointes. Not just for my body, but with my mind and my emotions. It was when I began to learn that this world isn’t such a nice place, and just how un-nice it could be to a girl born in the year the Beatles came to the USA.

“Hustling” shows a part of that un-nice side of life experienced by women all through the ages, but this time centered upon New York City at a time before Disney and M&Ms took over Times Square. It’s based on a book by Gail Sheehy (“Passages” was probably her best-known tome) that was published in 1971 and I never heard of it, but I intend to glom onto a copy somehow. It’s an investigative work on just how and why female prostitution still existed at that time in the USA.

The movie adaptation might make you want to read the book as well. Here, watch if for yourself; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! (Thanks to the Cult Cinema Classics channel on YouTube for posting it in the first place!)


I like to watch films and write about them. Or talk about them. Old TV stuff, too.

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