Musings on Miscellany about Moving Pictures

Lately, I’ve not been doing too well in some ways, so that’s why I’ve not written anything for over a month. But I just finished reading – in the space of three days (and yes, I admit skipping through the third book I’m listing because of the deal-making discussions) the following books:

I know, a pretty diverse trio, eh? But I needed to get out of myself, and not into unreality (although goodness knows it crept into the latter two books at various points); rather, to live through reading about it, the lives I would never lead – and wouldn’t really want to. So diverse and diverting, and lots of Hollywood’s Golden Age -I couldn’t really have chosen better, as all three are very well-put together.

In addition to reading the above, I watched two James Cagney films, in between watching interviews with him:

It was Mr. Cagney’s birthday on July 17th; 120 years since the day of his birth. A very interesting man, to be sure. There certainly hasn’t been any like him since, and I expect that’s a good thing.

Oh yeah, I also watched his AFI-LTA acceptance speech, which is a real hoot:

However, I believe it’s in the longer film, which is actually more of a short documentary than an interview, where he tells from whom he really got his neck-jerk from; in the above, he gives a somewhat sanitized version of the inspiration for it.

I’ve very much fascinated with the stories behind the stars; some of them could truly act, some couldn’t but had other value onscreen; but their stories of how they got there – they will never occur that way again. And that saddens me, just a little bit.


I like to watch films and write about them. Or talk about them. Old TV stuff, too.

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